About Us

Our team is dedicated to your vision and ensures your involvement in every decision, from floor plans to finishes. Experience our commitment to transparency and let us exceed your expectations, turning your dream home into reality. Brian Johnston, the New Home Specialist behind Gentry Homes is a seasoned expert in the industry whose love for crafting homes began at an early age. His background in Construction Management and Architectural Drafting & Design has made Brian an integral part of Gentry Homes. He thrives on helping clients achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Brian’s advice for newcomers? Allow us to review your prospective home site before making a purchase. What sets us apart? A dedicated team committed to regular communication, quality, and guiding clients through every step of their journey home. See our Blog to learn more about Brian!

"My late husband and I owned a large home on a one-acre lot in an area we loved. When he passed, I knew the home and property would be more than I could keep up with, but I didn’t want to leave my neighborhood. I saw a sign a sign advertising, “Your Land, Our Plan,” and reached out. They purchased and subdivided my acre into three lots, tore down my old home, and built me a brand new one. I love my new home. It’s my dream home, and I couldn’t be happier!"

Our Story

At Gentry Homes, we take immense pride in being more than just a homebuilding company; we are dream weavers, legacy builders, and architects of happiness. For years, our passion has been to create not just houses, but homes where cherished memories are made. Guided by a relentless commitment to excellence, we bring dreams to life, one brick at a time. We collaborate closely with you to build a home that reflects your unique style, desires, and aspirations. Our skilled team works in harmony, combining innovation with quality craftsmanship to create homes that stand the test of time.

Build your dream home with Gentry

Our dedicated customer support team is always just a call away, ready to address any questions or concerns you may have. With Gentry Homes, you can be rest assured that we stand by our work, supporting you long after you've settled into your dream home.